Penta Shade Tourism and Event Management Pvt Ltd is a subsidiary of Penta Sahde Group of Companies offering Pakistan Tours and Travels in Pakistan. The Pakistan travel packages range from northern area tour packages, Summer Tour Packages to Winter Tour Packages and also including City tours and Historical area Tours.

The Pakistan Tours and Packages being offered by Penta Shade Tourism range from Weekend trips to Honeymoon Tours to the more rugged adventure tours as well as trekking tours in Pakistan.

Having been blessed with a 4-season climate, Pakistan offers exciting trip packages to the Northern Areas of Pakistan during summer breaks and also Winter sports. In addition, one gets to experience the cultural as well as historic tours offered by Penta Shade Tourism and Event Management Pvt Ltd.

Penta Shade Tourism and Event Management Pvt Ltd Tourism is offering many different type of travel packages such as


Northern areas of Pakistan are considered as heaven for the tourists. Pakistan is multi-culture and multi-season Country. A place that is known for streams, snow peaks, rich green dells and social places of incredible regard. Famous destination of Pakistan northern area tour Packages includes

  • Naran
  • Kaghan
  • Shogran
  • Hunza Valley
  • Skardu Valley
  • Swat Valley


In young generation one of the famous Tour Package is Adventure tour. These Trips as by the name are for those who want to enjoy the adventure. However, this type of travel demands that you are fully fit in terms of health-related problems. You have to make sure that all the essential things are with you if you really want an adventurous Travel to enjoy.

There are some examples of Adventurous Tours and these are:

  • Mountain and Rock Climb
  • Paragliding
  • Rafting
  • Archery


Pakistan is enriched with the vast mountain ranges for trekking lovers where mountaineers from all over the world love to go and explore the ranges. Trekking tour packages are specially designed keeping in mind about the health and safety of tourist. This range includes

  1. K2 base camp
  2. Rakaposhi base camp
  3. Nanga parbat base camp


City or the regional tours typically not so long. In This type of Tour people mostly visit areas of concern in a specific place. Which may be as some historic background, religious history or some cultural, refreshments or lunch are also part of the trip package.


Group tour is form of trip in which people travel in form of Groups. These Tours depends on the number of travelers which is they need a certain number of travelers to go ahead. If failed to have much people in a Group then it is not possible as Tour Price gets high. Group tours always go in the form of many persons or a tour guide service is provided.

Penta Shade Tourism and Event Management Pvt Ltd has become a symbol of trust and reliability for Tour Packages in Pakistan as we are working in the industry since last 2 decades and considered as best travel Agency in Pakistan so we know what you want more then anybody else. Plan your tours and travel with us to maximize the pleasure you want. Hurry up and plan Tours Pakistan so we may help you in exploring the natural beauty of Pakistan.

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