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Hajj Umrah

Saudi Arabia
Umrah is an Islamic non-compulsory but a highly recommended pilgrimage. Muslims perform Umrah to make repentance for their sins, increase in righteousness and ask Allah to fulfill their wishes.
Baghdad is a beautiful city. It is one that is filled with the undercurrents of our cultural heritage. The city, complete with its mosques and other holy sites, is a surviving testimonial to the greatness and diversity of Islamic Culture, for it was one of the commercial and intellectual capitals of the world at the time.
8 / 10

Hunza Gilgilt

Hunza Valley
In a country full of quiet places and incredible weather, this is a blessing. Pakistan Tours has been urging the development of northern Pakistan, which is picturesque
10 / 10

Swat Valley

Swat Valley
Swat, the beautiful valley in Khyber Phatunkhawn known for its panoramic views. Penta Shade Tourism and Event Management Pvt Ltd offers Swat Kalam Basic Tour which is specially designed for the family tour and honeymoon tour as well.
9 / 10


Out of 3, 1 person surely spend their honeymoon time in Murree. As Murree is a complete package for the newlyweds, the enchanting landscape, snowcapped mountain.
9 / 10
As the winters start, and Babusar Top hits the first snowfall of its season. The heavy snowfall makes the landscapes more enchanting and captivating.
6 / 10
Penta Shade Tourism and Event Management Pvt Ltd brings exciting tour packages from Skardu in this winter. In winter, many places like Deosai National Park cannot be reached due to snow.

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